Synchronize your Mics and Cameras

CamConnect is a complimentary software application which integrates Lumens PTZ camera control with a range of microphone array systems.

By integrating the microphone array, the PTZ camera will automatically switch to focus on the active-speaking participant in a meeting space. This greatly improves the video conference experience.


How does CamConnect work?

By using live data from microphone, CamConnect determines the active speaker's position and moves the PTZ camera to the appropriate preset position. This voice-activated control system is ideal for medium sized conference and meeting rooms.



Key Features


Simply connect your PTZ camera and microphone array system


Voice-activated solution for meeting rooms


Easy to configure


Connection Diagram

PC (or laptop) with CamConnect Software and a standard Video Conferencing Software or Unified Communications Service


Conference Room Configuration Diagram


Using live data provided by the microphone, CamConnect establishes the position of the active speaker in a conference room and directs the PTZ camera to switch to the appropriate preset position. This voice-activated system is ideal for mid-sized conference and meeting rooms.


Easy to Configure

No programming is required: set up is via an installation wizard. CamConnect connects selected Lumens PTZ cameras to a range of microphone systems from Shure®, Sennheiser® and Nureva (coming soon). This immediately turns your Lumens PTZ camera into a sophisticated voice tracking camera.



Supported Microphone Systems

Shure® MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone
MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone
MXA310 Microphone
Sennheiser® TeamConnect Ceiling 2 Microphone

Shure and Shure logo are trademarks of Shure Inc.  Sennheiser and Sennheiser logo are trademarks of Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co.


Supported PTZ Camera







Minimum PC Specifications

Support OS Windows 10 / Windows 11
CPU Intel 7rd generation Core i3 1GHz above (or equivalent CPU)
Memory 8GB RAM
Free Disk Space 1GB Free Disk Space
Min. Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080