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Lumens & NDI
Integration Partnership on Professional Video Solutions

*NDI® is a registered trademark of Vizrt Group.


Broadcasting Solutions

Lumens IP PTZ cameras have integrated with advanced NDI®|HX technology. The integration allows the camera to deliver high video quality with ultra-low latency and instant connect to NDI-based video production workflows without additional configuration. It also accelerates the transmission to IP, and it is cost-effective and time-saving.


Instant Sharing over IP

NDI connects cameras with all the other NDI-enabled devices on the network for sharing videos over IP.


Broadcast Quality

Lumens' proprietary image processing algorithm maximizes image sensor performance to provide pristine video quality.


Low Latency

Lumens' innovative NDI hardware design keeps ultra-low latency without sacrificing the image quality.



The integration of professional solutions between Lumens and NDI enhances the streaming quality with ultra-low latency. It's ideal for live production, including Broadcasting, E-Sports, House of Worship. 






House of Worship


Lumens NDI Camera


4K NDI® PTZ Camera
 Full NDI and NDI®|HX3

VC-A71P-HN is a 4K 60fps PTZ camera with 12G-SDI, high bandwidth NDI and NDI®|HX3 outputs.

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4K NDI® PTZ Camera
NDI®|HX3 and 12G-SDI

VC-A71SN is a 4K 60fps PTZ camera with 12G-SDI and NDI®|HX3 outputs. 

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4K 60fps PTZ Camera

Delivers 4K Ultra HD video quality and provides image details via a 30x optical zoom lens with Ultra-low latency.

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4K PTZ Camera

Transmits 4K 30fps video image quality directly to NDI®, making the VC-A61PN more flexible for different shooting purposes.

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VC-A51PN is a superb NDI-enabled camera which is ideal for live events, remote production and video studios.

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1080p PTZ Camera

Delivers outstanding image quality and detailed video in 1080p at 60fps, providing a cost-effective solution.

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AI Auto-Tracking Camera

VC-TR40N is an NDI-enabled dual camera auto-tracking PTZ. The camera works seamlessly with network-based NDI tools, including media processors, multi-channel recorders, live production software and streaming encoders.

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NDI®|HX technology

NDI (Network Device Interface) is the Video over IP technology developed by the NewTek company. It allows multiple video streams on a shared connection over standard off-the-shelf common 1 gigabit Ethernet network. Every device can connect to every other device in this single and interconnected environment - which means every device can be a source, also a destination, and beyond boundaries. The advantage of NDI technology would be pristine quality, minimum bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and zero configuration.

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