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Lumens & Barco
Integration Partnership on Video Conferencing Solutions


Wireless Video Conferencing Solutions

Lumens IP PTZ cameras have been integrated with a Barco ClickShare CX-50, CX-30 and CX-20 wireless conferencing system, providing a flexible solution and easy installation for video conferencing with superior video image quality.


Reduced Costs

Eliminate travel costs while working and communicate with customers and colleagues anytime.


Expand Collaboration

Being in a video conference allows you to meet online, increases decision making and builds relationships.


Maximum Productivity

A real-time video call is more efficient than an ordinary phone call or e-mail. Spend less time organizing a meeting.


For Any Size Meeting Rooms

The integration of wireless video conferencing solutions between Lumens and Barco provides corporate environments with a more interactive video communications experience in workspaces, in addition to personal spaces, a huddle room, or a meeting room.


Small Rooms or Huddle Spaces


Small to Medium Sized Rooms


Medium to Large Sized Rooms


Lumens Cameras

Lumens cameras are equipped with crystal-clear video image quality with low latency. Ensure every participant and object to be seen and heard clearly. Enhance users' experience and makes every meeting enjoyable from start to finish in meetings.


CamConnect Pro


Auto Tracking Cameras


PTZ Cameras


Box Cameras


Video Conference Cameras


Document Cameras

Product Series Model Name
CamConnect Pro AI-Box1
Auto-Tracking Cameras VC-TR60, VC-TR40, VC-TR30VC-TR1
PTZ Cameras VC-R30, VC-A71P     
Box Camera VC-BC301P
Video Conference Cameras MS-10S, MS-10, VC-B30U, VC-B11U, VC-B10U, VC-B2U
Document Cameras PS753, DC125, DC132U, DC136, DC172, DC193, DC-F20, DC-W80

Barco Wireless Conferencing System

The range of wireless conferencing solutions from Barco ClickShare is designed to work wirelessly with your existing video conferencing system and a wide range of USB audio-visual peripherals – mics, soundbars and cameras – without the hassle of physically connecting them to your laptop using cables and adapters. This makes hybrid meetings as intuitive and straightforward as face-to-face meetings.


ClickShare CX-20

Transform small meeting rooms and huddle spaces into inspiring conference facilities.


ClickShare CX-30

Seamless, wireless conferencing for small to medium-sized meeting and conference rooms.


ClickShare CX-50

Bring premium wireless conferencing and remote collaboration to your meeting rooms.


Integration Diagram - Medium to Large Sized Rooms


Integration Diagram - Small to Medium Sized Rooms


Integration Diagram - Small Rooms or Huddle Spaces


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