CaptureVision System
4-Channel Recorder and Streaming
Media Processor with UltraHD and NDI
  • Supports 4 video and 7 audio channels
  • 4K HDMI, IP (RTSP) and NDI inputs
  • Supports NDI High bandwidth and NDI HX
  • USB Output (UVC/UAC) for use in video conferencing
  • Dual Ethernet ports for WAN and LAN integration
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Flexible Encoding Performance

LC300 can encode four inputs at 1080 50/ 60P as well as the program output. This gives it powerful recording and streaming capabilities, making it well suited for multi-camera production, interactive media, evidential archiving and enriched digital learning.

Multiple Screen Select

Outputting multiple streams simultaneously, LC300 can work with immersive video platforms. This allows the viewer to control their viewing angle, to focus on a particular presenter, or to switch to a media presentation in real-time.

Intelligent Director (Automated Production)

Intelligent Director automates production, whether it's a meeting room, class room, lecture hall or conference center. This function recognizes the behavior of the presenter and the audience and intelligently changes the camera angle to deliver a TV-like experience. AI-powered, the LC300 works in tandem with Lumense selected tracking cameras to create a multi-angle production without the need for a video crew.

*This feature can be implemented through future firmware updates

NDI Eco-system

LC300 can serve as a video source switcher in an NDI eco-system, or an AV bridge that converts NDI with HDMI or USB out. It can also push video and audio to multiple streaming platforms at the same time.

Friendly Director User Interface

LC300 is feature-rich and capable of producing stunning results. The device can be managed and controlled locally or remotely, and in conjunction with third-party applications such as Panopto and Kaltura. The local interface available via HDMI is slick and highly visual, giving previews of every source, mix effects and titles, as well as the program output.

5 year warranty

Lumens offers a 5-year warranty with all its products as standard.

*The warranty policy may be different depending on the sales region, please contact your local salesperson.


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