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Accurate and real-time camera tracking in meeting and learning spaces is now possible by pairing Lumens® and Nureva® technologies. You can use Lumens CamConnect™ Lite software and CamConnect™ Pro solutions with Nureva audio conferencing systems. Through the integration (enabled by Nureva's sound location device API), data from the Nureva audio system helps to steer one or more Lumens cameras accurately and smoothly to where people are talking in the room.


Nureva’s advanced audio conferencing solutions

Nureva audio systems provide easy pro AV performance in larger spaces thanks to patented Microphone Mist™ technology. It fills rooms with thousands of virtual microphones that pick-up voices clearly no matter where people sit, move or face. With Intelligent Sound Targeting and position-based gain control, these systems produce a natural listening experience for remote participants.


Achieve dynamic hybrid meetings with Lumens camera tracking and Nureva audio solutions

The Microphone Mist technology with Nureva systems delivers a better audio experience in hybrid meetings and learning spaces. In addition, data on sound locations and sound levels picked up by these virtual microphones is streamed through Nureva's API several times per second. This data is shared with the Lumens CamConnect™ Lite software and CamConnect™ Pro solutions to enable automatic camera adjustments based on the location of the talker or multiple talkers. The pairing of these technologies results in clear audio and refined camera tracking that creates an engaging, dynamic and collaborative experience for remote participants.


Room configurations

Mid-size huddle or meeting rooms CamConnectTM Lite software supports the use of a single Lumens USB PTZ camera Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing systems
Large and extra-large meeting or training rooms CamConnectTM Pro solution enables multiple Lumens IP cameras Nureva HDL410 or HDL310 audio conferencing system



Video conference meetings


Distance learning and hybrid corporate training


Online presentations and town halls


Integration Diagram


Supported Products


PTZ Cameras


Auto Tracking Camera


NDI Camera


Box Camera


Video Conference Cameras


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