Box Camera

Compact Minicams with Integrated Lens
Box Camera

What is a Box Camera?

Box cameras are also known as mini cameras, minicams, or POV (point of view) cameras. They are designed for capturing specific camera angles or establishing a wide view. Box cameras can be installed in hard-to-reach places to capture a particular shot. Delivering simple zoom functionality without pan and tilt movement, box cameras are less mechanically complex and are easier to manage.
Lumens VC-BC701P 4Kp60 IP Box Camera
Lumens VC-BC601P 1080p IP Box Camera
Lumens VC-BC301P 4K IP POV Camera

Who uses Box Cameras?

Compact and discreet, and with the ability to shoot at both wide angle and close up, box cameras are very popular tools. They are widely used in theatre production, conference production, collaborative huddle rooms, e-learning, video studios, indoor sports, eSports, radio broadcasting and fixed rig documentaries. Featuring connections including SDI, HDMI, Ethernet, and USB, they integrate with a wide range of AV, IT and broadcast workflows. 

How do I control a Box Camera?

In most situations, box cameras require minimal control after the initial setup. As standard, Lumens box cameras support multiple control protocols including VISCA, VISCA over IP, NDI, Pelco, and ONVIF. Cameras can be controlled natively using Lumens hardware controllers, 3rd party systems, or an easy-to-use web interface. Certain models work with the VMS software to control multiple cameras as well as the Virtual Camera, OBS plugin, and Companion Module apps.
Lumens VC-WM15 Ceiling Mount
Lumens VC-WM11 Wall Mount

How do I mount and Install a Box Camera?

Box cameras are light-weight and can be mounted in hard-to-reach areas, such as trussing, walls and ceilings. They can also be easily installed on tripods, desktops and plinths. They are ultra-flexible when it comes to mounting options.


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