CamConnect Pro

AI-Box1 CamConnect Processor
  • Supports up-to 4 IP cameras
  • Supports up-to 16 multiple array microphones
  • Supports PBP and 2x2 multiview output
  • AI algorithm for people tracking and center stage
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Voice Tracking Camera Control

AI-Box1 matches directional audio data with preset camera positions to focus on the active speaker. If the speaker adjusts their position, the camera will intelligently correct the preset to keep the subject in the center of the frame.

Hybrid Audio-Visual Tracking Algorithm

Turning a PTZ camera into an auto-tracking camera, AI-Box1 uses live data from microphones to track a presenter or teacher as they move across a stage. This makes the unit an ideal partner for lecture capture systems.

Multiple Camera Auto Switch

AI-Box1 can use up-to 4 cameras to deliver the best shooting angle, dramatically enhancing AV production and the remote meeting experience. The unit also supports multiview mode, for output of two cameras side by side (PBP) or multiple cameras in a 2x2 gallery.

Microphone Arrays and Digital Signal Processors

AI-Box1 is optimized for a growing line-up of microphones from manufacturers, including Sennheiser, Shure, Yamaha and Nureva. For the latest information, please visit our website.

5 year warranty

Lumens offers a 5-year warranty with all its products as standard.

*The warranty policy may be different depending on the sales region, please contact your local salesperson.


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