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Lumens CamConnectTM Lite software and CamConnectTM Pro solution are optimized to work with the Yamaha ADECIA system and its incredible multi-beam tracking technology. The ADECIA range includes Yamaha's dynamic array microphone, the RM-CG. This ceiling microphone provides the narrowest, most precise beam for voice capture, while continuous background noise is eliminated using Yamaha's advanced noise reduction algorithms and Human Voice Activity Detection (HVAD). This combines with the RM-CR network-based conference processor technology which automatically sets the optimum sound settings for the environment, accounting for the location of speakers and microphones, the room's reverberation characteristics and echo responses.


Yamaha Beamforming meets Lumens Camera Tracking


Yamaha RM-CG identifies the position of multiple people in real-time, and this live data is transmitted to Lumens CamConnectTM. CamConnectTM then angles a USB or IP-connected PTZ camera towards the active speaker. With multiple speakers engaged in a lively conversation, CamConnectTM Pro solution manages up-to 4 Lumens IP PTZ cameras and directs their focus intelligently as discussions move around the room.


Equitable Organizations

Yamaha ADECIA and Lumens CamConnectTM combine to deliver more engaging and meaningful meetings. Remote attendees, whether they are external delegates, colleagues, customers or students can follow and participate as never before. The sound and video elements are both transformed. The partnership delivers significant advantages in a number of environments.




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