Video Conferencing Solution For Enterprise Businesses

Video Conferencing Anytime, Anywhere

As a leader in the A/V market, Lumens strives to provide business with a high-quality video conferencing solution by reducing travel costs, saving time, and improving employee productivity. Stay connected with colleagues from any location.


Superior Audio and Video Quality


 Best Color Reproduction

Unique color balancing algorithm can ensure the best color reproduction and provide you natural-looking skin tones.


Clear Voice Experience

Superior speech processing technology can effectively enhance the human voice and reduce background noise.


Easy to Install and Use

Compatible with video conferencing software, such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, etc.


For Any Meeting Place

Lumens video conferencing webcams/cameras are designed for small to large-size rooms, for online meeting use with any video conferencing software.


Personal Space

1-3 participants


Huddle Room

2-6 participants


Medium Size Room

3-10 participants


Meeting Room

8-20 participants


Huddle Room

2-8 participants


Huddle Room

2-8 participants




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