Live Streaming Politics Solution

Allow Global Citizens to Stay Informed on Political Happenings in Real-Time

In an increasingly digital world, government organizations live broadcast to a massive audience over the internet such as interviews, public hearings, training, and press conferences. The live streaming solution provides a great way to enhance political communication between the government and the citizens. It can also save video recordings for conveying the message to the missed viewers. Lumens live streaming solution for politics makes it easier to increase civic engagement and reach the viewers.

Help Global Collaboration and Operational Efficiency


  Live Council Meetings

Live streaming meetings improve strong transparency and build public trust. People now can feel more connected to join process decision-making.


  Online International Summits

Conduct a reliable, secure, and high-quality professional meeting. An international video conferencing solution effective collaboration and makes communicating easier than ever.


  Effective Remote Meetings

Video conference solution brings all group members together from any place. You can get in touch with experts, communicate with other groups easily in a meeting room.


Essential Products for Live Political Broadcast

Lumens ProAV solution provides high quality visual and audio experience to make meetings better and fit all types of government organizations such as a city council chamber, boardroom, and huddle room. Lumens offers the highest quality and most reliable products to comply with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) for the GSA Schedules and U.S. federal government contracts. *Check TAA Compliant Products


Media Processor

4-in-1 Media Processor supports recording, switching, mixing, and live streaming simultaneously. One button away, you can live stream and record a conference.


Auto-Tracking Camera

The auto-tracking camera can automatically video a moving target in the center of the film. The auto-tracking camera can capture the speaker without an operator behind the camera.


PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras are robotic video cameras that allow an operator to control pan, tilt, and zoom remotely. PTZ cameras can pan, tilt to the particular view of a ritual, and zoom in on a target.


Conference Cameras

With the Lumens Zoom Certified USB Camera, you can enjoy a hassle-free conference meeting with full control of the PTZ camera function on the Zoom interface.



Webcams are designed for use in video conferencing sessions. The camera ensures everyone to be seen and heard clearly, and it is compatible with video conferencing software.


Box Cameras

Box cameras are POV cameras that can capture at a unique viewing angle. A box camera with 30x optical zoom can be installed at the back and film at close range.


Camera Controllers

A camera controller is used to control PTZ cameras or box cameras remotely. The controller can control multiple cameras simultaneously, including pan, tilt and zoom.




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