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Fully automated PTZ Cameras
VC-TR1 Auto Tracking Camera

What is an Auto-Tracking Camera?

Auto-tracking is all about filming without the need for a camera operator. An auto-tracking camera automatically follows a presenter, lecturer or teacher autonomously. It tracks them as they walk back and forth across a stage, classroom, training room or seminar space. An auto-tracking camera is trained to detect the human face and automatically pan, tilt and zoom to follow the targeted person. This automated camera system is especially suited for environments with a limited technical crew and is great for lecture capture, corporate training and acts of worship.
Lumens VC-TR1 Auto Tracking Camera
Lumens VC-TR1 Auto Tracking Camera
Lumens VC-TR1 Auto Tracking Camera

AI-enabled auto-tracking with versatile tracking modes

AI tracking cameras' ability comes from deep learning and scanning the pictures of millions of human faces. The ability to recognize human features combined with the versatility of the PTZ camera means that there is a tracking mode that can meet the needs of your production and the particular layout of your room.

Manage and Live Stream an auto-tracking camera

Lumens CMS software is used to set up tracking modes, fine tuning parameters, and live monitoring. CMS is also used to configure all other camera settings and to manage live streaming settings for distribution of video locally or to remote audiences on YouTube and Facebook. 
Lumens CMS Software

Camera workflows

With HDMI, 3G-SDI, IP, and USB video outputs, auto-tracking cameras can be integrated into a variety of video systems such as:
•    Media Management and Learning Platforms: Panopto and Kaltura
•    Live Production Systems including Lumens LC200 multi-channel processor and production desks from Blackmagic Design, Roland, Ross, and Datavideo.
•    Production Software: vMix, OBS Studio, Wirecast, Livestream Studio, mimoLive, Tricaster
•    Video conferencing Software and Unified Collaboration Platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Teams, and Webex.

Manual Control

Although auto-tracking cameras are designed primarily for 'hands-off' control, users can take manual control when required. With support for the VISCA protocol, auto-tracking cameras can be connected to:
• Lumens IP PTZ controller
• Skaarhoj control surfaces
Lumens VC-WM15 Ceiling Mount
Lumens VC-WM11 Wall Mount

Mounting and Installing Auto-Tracking Cameras

Unlike traditional PTZ units, auto-tracking cameras are not designed to be installed in an inverted position. However, they can be placed on tripods, camera poles, desktops, plinths, trussing, walls, and ceilings. 


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