AI Auto-Tracking Camera
  • AI-Powered Tracking with Human Detection
  • 3 Tracking modes and 2 Framing modes
  • HDMI, Ethernet and USB simultaneous output
  • 1080P 60fps with 12x Optical Zoom
  • Mount upright or inverted

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Automatic Production

VC-TR30 is perfect for use in meeting rooms and presentations because of its intelligent auto-tracking and auto-framing modes. Both enable hands-off video capture, with the camera following a presenter or framing the shot around delegates present in the meeting room.

Flexible Lens

The 12x zoom lens has a 72.5° horizontal field of view at its widest setting, facilitating its use in small video studios, meeting spaces or presentation stages. It works in partnership with the high sensitivity sensor to deliver excellent video quality in all lighting conditions.

Gesture Control Tracking Method

The VC-TR30 features advanced gesture control. When the presenter raises their hands, the tracking target will switch automatically. You can also manually change the tracked subject by selecting the individual via the web interface.

Single Cable Installation

The VC-TR30's Ethernet connection is multi-purpose. Connected to a PoE-enabled switch, the network cable can transport video, power and control signals. This makes installation extremely quick and cost-effective.

5 year warranty

Lumens offers a 5-year warranty with all its products as standard.

*The warranty policy may be different depending on the sales region, please contact your local salesperson.


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VC-TR30 Datasheet 2024-04-10
VC-TR30 User Manual 2023-10-12