Video to IP/ NDI HX
HD Encoder
  • Support RTSP, NDI HX3, NDI HX2
  • Delivers pristine 1080P video quality with ultra-low latency
  • Long-distance HDMI, USB and DisplayPort transmission
  • Supports PoE and USB power for easy installation
  • Dual Tally lights (360°)

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NDI HX3 Low Latency, High Quality Video Distribution

With NDI HX, video is transmitted over local area networks. Sources can be ingested into live production, AV and streaming platforms.

Encode HDMI to IP

Encoding HDMI sources to IP allows the use of affordable and centrally managed network switches and long-distance cabling. IP video can be securely streamed locally and globally.

USB and DisplayPort Conversion

OIP-N40E's USB port can convert USB (UVC/UAC) and DP signals for transmission over IP. It supports USB output (webcam extension) when used with OIP-N60D.

Camera Converter

OIP-N40E converts any HDMI camera into an IP device. Locally, a tally light indicates that the camera is live, while the IP signal is transmitted to decoders, computers or streaming platforms. OIP-N40E features a pass thru HDMI output.

5 year warranty

Lumens offers a 5-year warranty with all its products as standard.

*The warranty policy may be different depending on the sales region, please contact your local salesperson.


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Documents Upload Time
OIP-N40E Installation Guide 2024-07-15
OIP-N40E Command Set 2024-07-15
OIP-N40E Datasheet 2024-06-24
OIP-N40E User Manual 2024-06-24