Hybrid Classroom Solution 

Maximize Student Engagement and Achievement

Lumens' educational technology, including Document cameras, PTZ cameras, and lecture capture system are aimed to create a student-centered interactive learning environment., allowing students to receive the content in a fun way. It has proven that students get a perceivable increase in test scores and significantly improved learning attitude. Applicable in distance learning and a hybrid classroom.


Make Your Presentations and Teaching More Interactive


  Multi-Purpose Classroom

A multi-purpose classroom offers spectacular learning opportunities for various uses such as presenting, conferences, and public speaking events.


  Lecture Capture

Recording lecture allows students to not miss any material. Students can review the captured course 24/7 online and anywhere they want.


  Virtual Classroom

The online virtual meeting facilitates immediate interaction and seamless collaboration, such as sharing assignments, reports and using digital whiteboards.



E-learning can accommodate everyone's needs. It allows the students to learn at their own pace and gives students the freedom to control their schedules.


  Distance Learning

Distance learning provides innovative courses and versatile resources. It allows students to virtually visit a science lab or museum.


  Event Streaming

Event live streaming allows you to stream your campus events, graduations or other ceremonies on various platforms to on-site and remote students.


Essential Products for Hybrid Classroom

Lumens products make teaching and learning easier and fit all types of educators. Easily capture lectures and live stream from any device across social media platforms.


Document Cameras

Document cameras can capture real-time images and display a book or an object on the screen. We have three types of document cameras: portable, desktop, and ceiling type.



Webcams are designed for use in video conferencing sessions. The camera ensures everyone to be seen and heard clearly, and it is compatible with video conferencing software.


Conference Cameras

With the Lumens Zoom Certified USB Camera, you can enjoy a hassle-free conference meeting with full control of the PTZ camera function on the Zoom interface.


Media Processor

4-in-1 Media Processor supports recording, switching, mixing, and live streaming simultaneously. One button away, you can live stream and record lectures.


Auto-Tracking Camera

The auto-tracking camera can automatically video a moving target in the center of the film. The auto-tracking camera can capture the instructor without an operator behind the camera.


Box Cameras

Box cameras are POV cameras that can capture at a unique viewing angle. With 30x optical zoom, it can be installed at the back of the classroom and film at close range.


PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras are robotic video cameras that allow an operator to control pan, tilt, and zoom remotely. PTZ cameras can pan, tilt to the particular view of a ritual, and zoom in on a target.





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