AV over IP and
NDI HX 4K Decoder
  • Supports RTSP, NDI HX3, NDI HX2
  • Delivers high video quality with ultra-low latency
  • Long-distance 4K IP-based AV transmission
  • USB Extension over IP
  • Instant source switching

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NDI HX3 & IP Decoding

4K and HD NDI HX3 and IP video streams can be decoded in high quality to HDMI with minimal latency.

IP Video to USB Conversion

OIP-N60D decodes IP video streams from NDI HX and RTSP to UVC/UAC-compliant USB for use with video conferencing platforms. The device also supports NDI Virtual USB output.

USB Webcam Extension

OIP-N60D transmits webcams over your IP network for quick and easy AV integration. The signal is decoded by the OIP-N40E for output to USB.

Video Wall Deployment

The OIP-N60D decoder is an ideal building block for video walls, supporting monitors mounted in landscape or portrait mode. Combine multiple decoders and screens to build the wall configuration you need.

*This feature can be implemented through future firmware updates.

5 year warranty

Lumens offers a 5-year warranty with all its products as standard.

*The warranty policy may be different depending on the sales region, please contact your local salesperson.


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Documents Upload Time
OIP-N60D Installation Guide 2024-07-15
OIP-N60D Command Set 2024-07-15
OIP-N60D Datasheet 2024-06-24
OIP-N60D User Manual 2024-06-24