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Pristine Audio and Dynamic Camera Tracking

Experience precise, seamless camera tracking with Sennheiser TeamConnect Solutions and Lumens® technologies. Using CamConnect Pro and Sennheiser TCC 2 or TCC M microphones, in-room cameras automatically focus on the active speaker, promoting natural, equitable interactions for everyone.


Sennheiser TeamConnect

Sennheiser's TeamConnect ceiling solutions are designed to enhance hybrid conferencing and presentations. Crafted for meeting rooms and lecture or collaboration spaces of all sizes, TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC 2) and TeamConnect Ceiling Medium (TCC M) use Sennheiser's electret condenser capsules to ensure excellent speech intelligibility. With patented dynamic beamforming technology, the microphone constantly tracks the speaker's position, ensuring no spoken word is lost between the room and external meeting participants.


Sennheiser Beamforming meets Lumens Camera Tracking 

Working in tandem with single or multiple Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling microphones, Lumens CamConnectTM receives real-time sound azimuth data. This enables CamConnectTM to switch camera focus between different speakers automatically. The integration of the two technologies instantly enhances remote delegate engagement and encourages a new level of multi-site interaction. CamConnectTM Pro solution supports multi-room, multi-microphone and multi-camera installations and integrates with all leading UC platforms.


Automating PTZ Production

A wide-angle camera gives an unflattering view of a room and makes it difficult to focus on the conversation. Zooming in on the active speaker has been a manual process, until now. With Sennheiser passing positional data live to CamConnectTM, the Lumens PTZ camera is automatically directed towards the presenter. With two or more Lumens IP Cameras in play, CamConnectTM Pro solution will follow the conversation, with each camera focusing on multiple speakers.



● Medium Meeting Rooms

● Large Meeting Rooms

● Lecture Rooms


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Supported Products


PTZ Cameras


Auto Tracking Camera


NDI Camera


Box Camera


Video Conference Cameras


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