AV over IP

The future of video networking and distribution
AV over IP

What is AV over IP?

AV over IP is the real-time distribution of audio, video, and other signals, such as device control, over local (LAN) or wide (WAN) area networks.

AV over IP is widely used for point-to-point video transmission, remote monitoring, and control, and distributing video to networked digital signage and video walls. The building blocks of an AV over IP system are source encoders, video decoders, and Ethernet switch units which enable video to be routed to the required destination.

Lumens OIP-D series devices can send and receive HD or 4K video over IP networks at very low latency. 
Lumens OIP Series
Lumens OIP-D50D-D50E-D50C
Lumens OIP-D40D-D40E
Lumens OIP-D50C Controller

How do I control AV over IP devices?

While it is simple to connect a single encoder to a single decoder, AV teams often need greater flexibility. A controller enables the user to switch any input to any individual encoder, a group of encoders, or all encoders on the network. This is vital in digital signage installations or with multi-display video walls.

Lumens OIP controller works in conjunction with OIP encoders and decoders. With a visual browser-based interface, it is very easy to manage multiple encoders and decoders, and even deploy remote KVM capabilities (with the OIP-D50 series).

Rack-mounted Frame

Ideal for control rooms, OIP-AC01 is a 6U rack-mount chassis for Lumens AV over IP encoders, decoders and controllers. A maximum of 15 OIP devices can be installed in a chassis.
Lumens OIP-AC01 6U Rack-mount Chassis


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