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Integration Partnership: Professional Video Networking


Moving AV to IP networks

Transmitting AV signals over IP infrastructures is a reality. Technicians and systems architects are making the transition from SDI and HDMI-based installations to Ethernet infrastructures, and benefit from:

 ✓ Lower cost of initial investment  
 ✓ Integration with IT assets such as network storage    
 ✓ Efficient media sharing over local and wide area networks     
 ✓ Secure user administration and support    
 ✓ Centralized deployment, management, and maintenance of media equipment



Creating an Ethernet-based media network requires high-performance and dependable single and 10-Gigabit switches. NETGEAR's IP equipment is relied on by AV teams and media organizations across the world. NETGEAR AV Line switches are perfectly matched with Lumens IP cameras and transmitters to deliver low latency video transmission and media networking. NETGEAR is at the forefront of media networking. With built-in support for AMX, NDI, and Dante, NETGEAR AV Line units are ideal for AV, video, and broadcast professionals.


Lumens AV over IP

A growing number of Lumens PTZ and box cameras support RTSP and NDI media protocols. Network-optimized, they can output high-quality HD and UltraHD video at low latency over Ethernet and receive control data and tally instructions via IP. Lumens OIP range of video transmitters and controllers support network-based video transmission, KVM control, and video wall management, while advanced visualizer models support live streaming over IP networks.


Network Compatibility

As an authorized partner, Lumens engineers work with NETGEAR to ensure compatibility with 1G, 10G and 100G switches. This makes deployment fast, efficient, and straightforward, with excellent support available from network specialists.


Lumens Products

All Lumens products with network functions are compatible with NETGEAR M4250 Managed Switches Series, M4300 Managed Switches Series, M4500 Managed Switches Series products.


Auto Tracking Cameras


PTZ Cameras


NDI Cameras


Media Processor


Box Cameras



Ceiling Cameras



Desktop Document Cameras


AV over IP



NETGEAR Products

Popular products include:


M4250 Managed Switches


M4300 Managed Switches


M4500 Managed Switches


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