Media Processor

Multi-channel switcher, recorder, and live streaming processor
Media Processor

What is a Media Processor?

A media processor is an all-in-one station that can produce, record, and stream audio-visual presentations and multi-camera productions. Switching and mixing multiple sources helps create engaging and professional events, complete with logo insertion and a lower third overlay, background, and timestamp. A Media Processor records the live program output and each video input independently. It simultaneously streams live to your preferred platform whether that's YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook. Lumens' Media Processor also integrates seamlessly with Panopto and Kaltura. 
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Who uses Media Processors?

Multi-function, easy to use, and ideal as part of an AV installation, Media Processors are popular in environments such as conference proceedings, court hearings, public meetings, lecture halls, and business presentations. Replacing a dedicated switcher, and a rack of recorders, players, and streaming encoders, Media Processors are especially suited to organizations that have a need for simplifying and even automating the recording and sharing of media.

Easy File Management

Recordings can be stored on-board or on external drives. Users can also automate uploading to network storage (NAS) or a remote server by FTP. Lumens Media Processor is integrated with video content management platforms such as Panopto, Kaltura, and Opencast, and can automate backup recordings to cloud servers.

How do I Control and Manage Media Processors?

Lumens' Media Processors offer a myriad of control options, including simple button control, operation with a dedicated remote panel, support for third-party controllers, and integration with popular AV control systems. The Lumens Deployment Tool application provides users an easy way to control, manage, and maintain multiple media processors over the network. With the Deployment Tool and platforms such as Panopto, users can remotely set recording and streaming schedules for individual units. 


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