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Skaarhoj Remote Panel Controllers

In remote production, camera control is as important as picture quality. With mini box cameras, a controller gives you continuous management of the zoom angle, color settings, focusing, aperture, shutter speed, and exposure. PTZ cameras benefit from all the above plus pan and tilt movement, pre-recorded actions, and pre-set camera positions. With a single operator managing multiple cameras, the control surface needs to be agile, ergonomic, and versatile.

Lumens’ partnership with Skaarhoj means that customers have access to control surfaces that deliver advanced features and programmable functionality, including: 

• Adaptable Control Surface

Skaarhoj controllers are designed for professional AV and broadcast environments where speed and accuracy are vital. Skaarhoj devices give users the ability to change key colors, button functions, and even control labels. It’s fast to use, especially for new users, unfamiliar with traditional panels. 

• Programmable Interface

With Skaarhoj, the interface can be set up to suit the type of production or the experience of the operator. In a courtroom for example, it may be important that a camera is locked in a fixed position while the operator maintains control over exposure settings. In live music, the controls might be re-named ‘drums’, ‘guitar’ or ‘lead singer’ to take the shot you need at the touch of a single button.

• Switchable Panel

Skaarhoj panels are managed by software with manufacturer-specific ‘cores’. Load a core for Lumens and you have instant camera control; install the Blackmagic ATEM core and you have complete switcher control. Watch how to choreograph Lumens and Newtek PTZ cameras using a single controller.

• User Familiarity

Skaarhoj has panels for video and audio switchers, matrix routers, encoders and recorders. This means a production crew can use a variety of Skaarhoj controllers  to manage every device on the production. Instead of using multiple manufacturers’ panels, going with Skaarhoj saves hours during set-up, reduces training time and makes operation faster.

• Dual Function Controller

Load multiple cores and use the controller with different manufacturers’ devices simultaneously. For example, by selecting camera 1, the panel will instantly control that camera. At the same time, vMix’s auxiliary can automatically output that camera’s video to a separate display to help the operator manage the position and focus. It’s this level of control that makes Skaarhoj special.


Skaarhoj and Lumens Action

• Lumens VC-A50P PTZ

• Tactile controls for Lumens A61P

• Presets with Lumens VC-A50P

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