【ProAV Lab】introAVoIP#06 - How to select the right AV over IP Solution - Final Considerations and Overview

By Kieron Seth & Seaco Wei, Lumens

August 29, 2022 16127


▶ Additional Considerations  

Besides cost and user requirements, it is important to consider other factors before selecting a new AV over IP solution.

  • Ease of use: a user-friendly user interface (UI) encourages users to make the most of the system’s features and avoid mis-configuring the system. A graphical interface with visual thumbnails makes the operation accessible to all users.
  • PoE simplifies device installation: PoE (Power over Ethernet) allows devices to be deployed anywhere with just a single network cable. Compared with the devices that need a separate power adapter, running power over the network greatly simplifies installation.
  • AV upgrade and expansion: as the needs of each site changes and grows, so the AV over IP network will need to scale. Traditional infrastructures can be complex and costly to expand; a modular system is designed to be very adaptable.

▶ Summary

AV over IP is unquestionably the future of ProAV, so we hope that this guide helps you choose the right solution for your needs. 
   100M bps AVoIP   1G bps AVoIP  10G bps AVoIP
 Typical technology  H.264 / H.265
NDI | HX | HX2
Full NDI
SMPTE 2110
Cost considerations
Quality considerations
Latency considerations

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