【Case Study】Hybrid Classroom for University | National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

By Kieron Seth, Seaco Wei & Isaac Chen, Lumens

April 14, 2022 15148



EdTech Trends you must keep an eye on in 2022 is
"Hybrid Classroom."

National Tsing Hua University is consistently ranked among the top three best universities in Taiwan in world university rankings. It is also a leading university that actively implements the best and newest technologies to help students improve their learning efficiency. This time they used Lumens' LC200 Media Processor, VC-B30U Full HD USB PTZ Camera, and VC-TR1 Full HD Auto-Tracking Camera to build up an advanced Hybrid Classroom. Lumens' classroom solution successfully integrates recording and live streaming to provide students and teachers access to information at any time, anywhere.

▶ The Project

The adoption of hybrid teaching has been accelerated by the global pandemic. It combines distance teaching with traditional teaching and is now commonplace in education. Many traditional classrooms urgently need to be modernized. AUO donated smart classroom equipment to the School of Science and Technology Management of National Tsing Hua University. The newly upgraded "AUO Lecture Hall", included large format LED screens, touchscreen monitors, digital lecterns, and auto-tracking HD cameras. It enabled courses to be broadcast live to remote students and facilitated an interactive style of teaching.



▶ Customer Needs or Challenges

Chairman of AUO Peng Shuanglang had the opportunity to present to the National Tsing Hua University E-MBA class. He introduced the students to smart integrated solutions in retail, education, transportation, and medical care. This made Shuanglang realize that teaching needed to integrate an online as well as an on-site experience. Jector Digital, a subsidiary of Daqing, was invited to install smart classroom solutions, specially tailored for National Tsing Hua University Academy of Science and Management.


The original classroom projector was replaced with a new generation LED display. Networked video cameras and a live recording system were installed.


Lighting, display screens and camera switching are managed by a central control system. Users can easily switch between different modes with just one button.


A new 86-inch touchscreen monitor enhances interaction between students, encourages group discussions and integrates with remote communications.


▶ The Solution

The AUO Smarter Classroom system includes a 135-inch large LED screen with 86-inch touch monitors on each side. Professors can write directly on the monitor and connect to the large screen. In addition, there are 3 auto-tracking cameras in the classroom. Remotely located students can see and engage with classmates in the room via the other two cameras, and interact in real-time.


"The integrated recording and livestreaming system delivers true interactive learning in smart classrooms. The demand for distance education and hybrid teaching is expected to rise significantly in coming years. Lumens PTZ cameras and AV processors are designed to integrate with smart technology. They are easy to use and consistently deliver excellent results."

Commented Rick, JECTOR Digital Marketing Specialist


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