【Solution】Barco & Lumens – Small Meeting Room BYOD Solution For Corporate

By Kieron Seth, San Chen & Isaac Chen, Lumens

March 16, 2022 16418




Use Case: Small Meeting Rooms

BYOD Solution

• Participants: 2~4 people
• Space: <15 m2

With organizations preferring smaller, more focused meetings of 2 to 4 people, compact meeting spaces are increasingly being installed. Employees can use this space flexibly, whether for project meetings with remote co-workers or video conferences with customers.


AV Concerns

1. Managing multiple HDMI, USB and Ethernet cables can be messy and unnecessarily complex.
2. It can be difficult to add more than one laptop to a meeting.
3. A laptop's built-in camera is not designed to capture multiple people around a table.



Solution Features

• Single Cable Connection
   Plug the USB ClickShare Button into your laptop for instant on-screen projection.
Wireless Connection
   Barco ClickShare connects wirelessly with your laptop and a wide range of audio-visual peripherals.
• Instant Video Conference
   With the Barco ClickShare Wireless Conference, you start a video conference with one click.
• Constructive Meetings
   Enjoy interactive screen sharing to enhance discussions.
• Clutter-free Meeting Room
   A wireless connection replaces long cables and keeps the meeting room looking professional.
• Intelligent Auto Framing
   The VC-B11U's auto-framing immediately detects participants in a room. It dynamically adjusts its frame to include all delegates, re-framing the view if participants join or leave during the meeting.
• Wide angle view
   120˚ viewing angle is ideal for small meeting spaces, allowing all attendees to be photographed.


Product Selection

• Video Conference Camera
   Lumens VC-B2U
Lumens VC-B11U

• Wireless Presentation System
   Barco ClickShare CX20
Barco ClickShare button

• Speakerphone

• Display
   46~55" Display


System Deployment

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