Lumens Companion Module


Control Deck for Lumens PTZ Cameras and Live Streaming Device 

Lumens 4K and HD IP cameras and the LC200 media processor can be controlled by Elgato’s Stream Deck products. Paired with the Bitfocus Companion software, Elgato Stream Deck becomes a control pad with programmable keys that unleashes unlimited actions to make camera control and live streaming incredibly easy. Check out Lumens Companion Module installation guide


Control PTZ Camera

Lumens IP Cameras capture excellent quality video. Their IP connection allows remote PTZ control using software, video production platforms such as OBS and vMix, Visca controllers, and interface units such as Elgato Stream Deck. With Stream Deck, users have fingertip control over camera movement, zoom, image settings, and even auto-tracking functions. Trigger preset movements to automate the production process. 


Control Media Processor

Lumens Media Processor LC200 can be controlled locally or over IP. This stand-alone device allows you to mix four video sources, record, stream, and live-switch. By connecting a Stream Deck, it’s easier than ever to produce multimedia presentations and multi-camera productions with LC200. Simply tap to start or stop pause recording and live streaming, and switch channel sources, scenes, or overlays.  


Optimize Your Workflow

Stream Deck’s function keys can be individually programmed to trigger any action or feature you require. Each icon can be customized with a graphic, color, or text of your choice. By running Bitfocus Companion and connecting an Elgato Stream Deck, users can streamline live video production, lecture capture, and camera control. 



Total Flexibility 

Integration of Lumens devices with and Elgato Stream Deck and Bitfocus Companion is straightforward. What’s great is that the Deck can be easily re-configured to suit the needs of different types of production, different AV environments, and even different users’ preferences. 


Live Show


Corporate Seminar


Religious Services



Lumens IP PTZ Cameras and Media Processor

Lumens IP Cameras captures the pristine image in real-time up to 4K resolution. The IP-based transmission allows PTZ control remotely and can be integrated with IP-based services, such as Elgato Stream Deck. Also, Lumens Media Processor LC200 is an all-in-one media processor. Just one stand-alone device that allows you to mix four video sources, recording, streaming, and live-switching, simultaneously; perfect to serve as the core system for your video project.


Auto-Tracking Camera

Lumens VC-TR1 auto-tracking camera intelligently tracks a moving target, automating a key part of the production process. The auto-tracking camera can capture an instructor or presenter without an operator behind the camera. It’s ideal for use in classrooms, conferences, and lecture halls. 


PTZ IP Camera

PTZs are robotic video cameras that allow an operator to control pan, tilt, and zoom remotely. PTZ cameras can pan and tilt to any angle and zoom in as needed. Many Lumens cameras (including VC-A71P, VC-A61P, VC-A50P) support IP streaming, power and control, and work brilliantly with Elgato Stream Deck devices. 


IP Box Camera

Compatible with Elgato Stream Deck, Lumens’ box cameras are broadcast-quality minicams. Models shoot as wide as 102o and have optical zooms up-to 30x giving you the flexibility to install cameras at the back of the lecture hall or film e-Sports at close range. Models include VC-BC701P, VC-BC601P, VC-BC301P


Media Processor

Lumens LC200 4-in-1 Media Processor supports recording, switching, mixing, and live streaming simultaneously. It is perfect for use in the corporate, public sector, and educational environments and integrates with platforms such as Kaltura, Panopto, and Wowza



Bitfocus Companion 

 Lumens IP devices work with the open-source Bitfocus Companion to enable the Stream Deck to control various cameras and processors. The software provides an interface between the Lumens unit and the Elgato keypad to make live production easier than ever. Users have the flexibility to program each key, to look and respond exactly as needed for each production or presentation. 


Stream Deck

15 individually programmable LCD keys can instantly trigger unlimited actions. Stream Deck speeds up any production and eliminates the need to map and memorize computer keyboard shortcuts. In fast-paced Twitch e-Sports events, this can be a real game changer. 


Stream Deck Mini

This is Elgato’s ultra-compact control unit which is highly portable and very cost-effective. Extremely easy to use, Stream Deck Mini is perfect when the producer wants to simplify control and even share production duties with untrained operators. 


Stream Deck XL

With 32 individual keys, Stream Deck XL puts even more creative power at your fingertips. It gives users studio-level control of the LC200 Media Processor and advanced control over multiple Lumens PTZ and box cameras.