Virtual Camera

Bringing a new level of quality, flexibility, and control to your video conferencing.

Webcams are usually connected by a USB cable to a computer. This is simple, quick and reliable, and is the standard for video conferencing set ups around the world. With Lumens’ Virtual Camera software there is now another option. The software allows users to connect a Lumens professional IP camera to the host computer using Ethernet. Just attach a Lumens IP camera to the LAN using a standard network cable and it’s now ready for use. 

Why use an Ethernet-connected camera? 

When it comes to webcams, Ethernet has three main benefits over USB: 

1. Video Quality

Generic USB webcams do not always deliver the best results. In meeting spaces with changing lighting conditions, dark rooms, or huddle areas hosting multiple guests, pictures can look grainy or distorted. With Virtual Camera software, AV technicians can use a professional HD or 4K camera such as a broadcast-quality Lumens which produces outstanding picture quality. It also has the optical zoom capability to capture a single presenter or an entire panel without pixelating the picture.

2. Fast Installation and easy management

Increasingly, AV infrastructures operate on Ethernet networks. With Virtual Camera software, a Lumens camera can be attached anywhere on the Ethernet network and immediately used as a video conference source. There is no need for long USB cables directly attached to a PC or for IT to manage the settings. With Lumens, the camera can be managed, controlled, and routed remotely over the network, saving the AV and IT teams both time and money. 

3. Flexibility

Most webcams are limited to a single role as a video conferencing camera. By installing an IP camera onto an Ethernet network, AV teams also have a high-quality capture device for video conferencing, live streaming, multi-camera event production, or lecture recording. Now, the video conferencing session can use a network camera, switching between camera preset angles to deliver a collaborative meeting that is far more engaging for remote participants. 

Lumens Virtual Camera Software is supported by all major video conferencing software and unified communication platforms, including Teams, Skype, WebEx, and Zoom. It is also compliant with live production systems such as vMix, OBS, and Livestream. 

Download Lumens Virtual Camera Software (Only Available for Windows)

Key Features


Locate cameras
in any position


all Lumens IP cameras


Connect with Ethernet
instead of USB


How to Use Lumens Virtual Camera

Ease of the Video Conference

Virtual camera software makes it possible to use IP cameras as webcams from different locations.

Hybrid Classroom

Ensure that students learning remotely benefit from high-quality virtual lessons.

Video Conference

Utilize Ethernet-connected cameras to improve the experience for remote delegates.


Benefit from very high-resolution images for improved collaboration and training. 


Lumens IP Cameras

Lumens IP cameras are equipped with high sensitivity sensors and optical zoom up-to 30x. They provide 4K & 1080p video and superior image quality in all lighting conditions. 


Auto-Tracking Camera

A fantastic camera for trainers and presenters who move across a stage or demo space. The auto-tracking functionality always keeps the presenter in view. 

Model: VC-TR1



IP PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras have the flexibility to zoom in on a single presenter and zoom out to shoot the full stage. Their robotic arms give you the perfect shooting angle for your video conference.  

Models: VC-A71P, VC-A61P, VC-A50P


IP Box Cameras

These mini cameras have powerful zoom lenses yet are small enough to be set up discreetly at the back of an auditorium, suspended from the ceiling or mounted near a podium.

Models: VC-BC701P, VC-BC601P, VC-BC301P


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