【Case Study】Lumens PTZ cameras Bring an Impressive Audiovisual Experience to "Backroad Nation" Tour

By Lumens Editor Group

November 20, 2019 19477

“Backroad Nation” Tour

•    Date: 2019 live tour
•    Country: Australia
•    City: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne
•    Website: https://www.leekernaghan.com/
•    Application: Live Concert
•    Lumens Product: PTZ Camera VC-A60S, Controller VS-K20

•    Along with: Roland Video Switcher


•    Lee Kernaghan is an Australian country music royalty and one of the hardest musicians in the country. Lee has been out most of 2019 supporting his 15th Studio album, “Backroad Nation.”
•    Two A60S cameras play a key role in video production. One is mounted on a tripod and positioned at the back of the room while the second is the side of the stage on a tripod.

•    The producer uses the VS-K20 joystick controller for controlling the PTZ cameras and a compact Roland V-1SDI video switcher to call the shots

Why VC-A60S

•    Outstanding Full HD image quality after comparing with other well-known brands
•    Powerful 30x optical zoom with great details
•    3G-SDI video outputs
•    RS232 /RS422 remote control

Why VS-K20

•    Remotely controls VC-A60S cameras
•    Joystick for Pan/Tilt/Zoom and focusing
•    Easy operation of presets calling and camera adjustments
•    RS232 / RS422 and Daisy Chain for easy installation

“I selected the Lumens A60S cameras because they’re great in low light. While the powerful optical and digital zoom means I can place one of the cameras at the back of the room and still get a great, tight shot. Not many tours can afford the cost of extra personnel to stand behind cameras, while I can control two cameras and, thanks to the pan-tilt, and zoom control, I can get the shots I need. The fact Lumens image quality is excellent completes the picture”

Video Tech
Michael Simjanovski