【Case Study】Police of Limburg 2019

By Lumens Editor Group

September 03, 2019 16232

Police of Limburg 2019

•    Date: September 03, 2019
•    Country: Belgium
•    City: Hasselt
•    Website: https://www.police.be/en
•    Application: Remote 3D Kiosk
•    Lumens Product: VC-BC701P Box Camera

•    Along with: Teleportel Visitor Management System


•    The police are using remote working stations where people can dial in from a remote location instead of being the police station in person.
•    The Lumens box camera is used to scan the ID card and documents.

•    Integrating with the VC software of Teleportel, the box camera can take high-resolution snapshots and transmit to the police officer through RTSP protocol. This all without storing these files on the far side to protect the privacy of the customer.

Why VC-BC701P

•    4K UHD image quality
•    PoE carries power, video, and control through one Cat5e/6 cable
•    Support RTSP / RTMP / MPEG-TS streaming protocol

“This is the solution we need. We can now help a lot more people at a time that is better for them”
Police of Limburg