【Solution】NDI Courtroom Video Solution

By Kieron Seth, Seaco Wei, Lumens

May 12, 2022 13736


▶ Introduction

Where cameras are permitted into law courts, it is essential that the production crew and filming equipment do not interfere with the legal process. Because of this, PTZ cameras are preferred. They are remotely controlled and can be installed discreetly. PTZ cameras are perfect for capturing proceedings in TV-quality and from multiple angles.


▶ Key features

  • Using the NDI protocol, all video and audio signals are transmitted over inexpensive network cable. Featuring PoE and with routing using standard IT switches, they are easy to install with no need for an electrical fitter.
  • NDI IP-enabled video streams can be digitally recorded, live-streamed, and archived, providing transparency to the justice system and enabling footage to be edited for legal compliance, quickly and efficiently.
  • The video network can securely connect breakout rooms, viewing galleries and witness suites. It can extend beyond the courthouse with private feeds to remote observers and live streams to global audiences.

▶ System Diagram

  • PTZ & Box Camera
    Lumens VC-A71PN (30x)
    Lumens VC-A61PN (30x)
    Lumens VC-A50PN (20x) 
  • PTZ Camera Joystick
    Lumens VS-KB30 
  • Document Camera
    Lumens PS752 (1080p)
    Lumens PS753 (4K) 
    Lumens CL511 (Ceiling) 
  • Media Processor
    Workstation PC + OBS 
  • Controller Processor
    Crestron CP4 Series
    Extron IPCP Pro series 
  • Big Screen
    LCD /LED display
    Digital projector 
  • NDI Converter
    HDMI to NDI Converter
    NDI to HDMI Converter

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