Septon Electronics AB

December 31, 2018 10

Septon Electronics AB

Date: 2018
Country: Sweden
City: Stockholm
Application: Video conference
Lumens Product: VC-B30U Conferencing Camera
Along with: Cisco Webex; Skype; AMX control system


In the meeting room, the VC-B30U is connected to a mini pc through USB and run a video conferencing software.
In some meeting rooms, the VC-B30U is connected to a hardware codec through HDMI.
The RS232 port is used to connect the AMX control unit. Users can control the whole meeting room, including the VC-B30U, over a single touch panel.

Why VC-B30U

•Outstanding Full HD image quality after testing against other well-known brands
•USB 3.0 Plug & Play and HDMI video output interface
•12x optical zoom is applicable for most conference rooms
•Horizontal viewing angle 72°
•Compatible with all popular applications and cloud systems
•Can be integrated with the third-party control system

 “Thanks to multiple output connections and powerful optical zoom, VC-B30U can be used in small to big meeting rooms.




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