【Case Study】Venue Den Berg

By Lumens Editor Group

July 18, 2018 17635

Venue Den Berg

Date: 2018
Country: Belgium
City: Londerzeel
Application: Events
Lumens Product: VC-A50P PTZ  Camera
Along with: Video Switcher, Projector, LED wall


Four VC-A50P are installed to capture the whole venue and connect to the LED walls and projectors.
During the events, cameras are used to provide live video on LED walls and projectors, at the same time, to stream the event to the whole world with a push of one button.
Power and camera control are all over the Ethernet connection.

     Why VC-A50P NDI

Outstanding Full HD image quality after testing against other well-known brands
Ethernet, 3G-SDI, HDMI synchronous image output
Power and control over Ethernet
Video streaming capability
Low-latency streaming

“The cameras from Lumens enable us to enhance the experience of our customers and give them an easy and affordable memory of the event afterwards. Also, we can host a lot more types of events which need all of this technical equipment”

Events Den Burg