September 26, 2022

【Case Study】Griffith University Hybrid Advanced Lecture Theatres

Case Study Higher Education VC-TR1

After an extensive evaluation, Griffith University is looking to roll out Lumens VC-TR1 Auto-Tracking Cameras across many of its hybrid learning classrooms.

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August 17, 2022

【ProAV Lab】Breakthrough - Automatic Tracking Camera: Detecting Individuals

Breakthrough Detecting Individuals Auto Tracking

The key to automatic tracking is subject identification. The person must be clearly identified against any background in order to track flawlessly.

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May 24, 2022

【ProAV Lab】How to Choose a Dual-Lens or Single-Lens Tracking Camera?

Breakthrough Auto Tracking Camera

Lumens manufactures two kinds of auto-tracking PTZ cameras: dual-lens and single-lens cameras. What's the difference and how do you select the right model for your needs?

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