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Lumens Deployment Tool

Manage Multiple LC200 Devices over Your Network

The Lumens Deployment Tool software is designed to help IT and AV teams remotely manage and control multiple LC200 devices. With this application, administrators can simultaneously configure hundreds of LC200 devices.

Why Use Lumens Deployment Tool Software?

When it comes to webcams, Ethernet has three main benefits over USB: 

1. Control, Manage and Maintain All Devices

The Lumens Deployment Tool enables system administrators and users to discover and manage each LC200 device installed on the network. Units can be controlled individually or as a group for total control over network devices.

2. Save Time. Save Money.

At the group level, the Deployment Tool unleashes powerful features. For example, users can remotely install and configure firmware updates on multiple LC200s or set all systems into low power mode for energy savings during holiday periods. Individual units can be programmed remotely with recording and live streaming schedules to automate routine tasks, quickly and efficiently.

3. Real-time Remote Monitoring

Use the Lumens Deployment Tool to check the health and status of each LC200 on the network. The application features a live multiview mosaic: users can watch the recording and streaming output of all devices on a single screen. This gives a visual status update on each unit, and thanks to the system management and configuration features of the software, users can access, configure and manage individual units to troubleshoot and solve issues quickly.

Download Lumens Deployment Tool Software (Only Available for Windows)

Key Features


Central Management


Project Scheduling


Real-time Monitoring


Getting Started with the Lumens Deployment Tool Software

Upgrade LC200 Firmware with Lumens Deployment Tool

Manage Multiple LC200 Devices with Lumens Deployment Tool (Group Management)

Lumens Deployment Tool Work Scheduling

Ease of Management

Lumens Deployment Tool software makes it possible to manage various LC200 devices in different locations.


IT staff in a school can remotely upgrade and maintain LC200s. The software ensures all classrooms with LC200s can benefit from scheduled lecture capture.


Every courtroom with an LC200 can be maintained and managed remotely in one place. The software gives court officers the confidence that all proceedings are recorded as required.



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