Lumens Unveils Cutting-Edge AI-Driven EDU Production Solutions at EDUCAUSE 2023

September 13, 2023


CHICAGO, IL, EDUCAUSE 2023 (Booth #446), September 13, 2023 – Lumens® Digital Optics Inc. is set to revolutionize the landscape of AI-driven production in education as we introduce their latest innovations at EDUCAUSE 2023 in Chicago, IL, Oct. 9-12. Making their debut in the booth are the CamConnect Pro voice-tracking solution, VC-TR70 4K PTZ auto-tracking camera, MS-10S 4K Video Soundbar and VS-KB21N IP Camera Controller with NDI.

Lumens recognizes the evolving role of artificial intelligence in education and its impact both in physical classrooms and virtual learning environments. With these new offerings, Lumens aims to simplify lecture capture and live streaming, providing educators with AI-powered tools to enhance the learning experience.

"As Artificial intelligence is moving into the mainstream, Lumens AI-based AV technology makes teaching and learning easier for in-person and remote education. Easily capture lectures and live stream to any device across the Internet," commented Chester Lee, Vice President of Sales at Lumens USA.

CamConnect Pro empowers dynamic learning environments with a solution powered by artificial intelligence algorithms. It can identify when an individual has moved from their preset camera position and automatically adjusts to maintain a sharp focus on active speakers, whether in a conference or classroom setting. CamConnect Pro seamlessly integrates with platforms like Teams and Zoom, effortlessly switching between IP and USB-connected cameras while receiving real-time coordinates from up to 16 connected microphones.

Chester Lee continued, "CamConnect Pro marks a significant milestone for lecture capture and digital learning, with its ability to run autonomously."

Alongside voice-tracking technology, Lumens introduces the VC-TR70, an auto-tracking PTZ camera equipped with dual panoramic tracking cameras and advanced human detection technology. This camera excels at tracking individuals within a range of 2m to 30m from the lens and boasts a 30x zoom capability. It delivers stunning visuals to local screens and remote audiences, making it an ideal choice for educational content delivery.

Lumens remains committed to enhancing communication in hybrid learning environments with the MS-10S. This all-in-one 4K video conferencing solution boasts an intelligent camera system supporting voice tracking and auto-framing, accompanied by beam-forming microphones. Additionally, Lumens introduces the VS-KB21N, their inaugural camera controller featuring a built-in camera preview display. This versatile unit supports the Sony VISCA protocol, VISCA over IP, and NDI®|HX, streamlining the discovery, connection, and management of PTZ cameras.

Join Lumens at EDUCAUSE 2023 to witness the future of education technology and explore how these cutting-edge solutions will shape the learning experience.


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