Ladibug 4K

Ladibug Document Camera Image Software brings your visualizer to life. Many Lumens document cameras can be controlled using buttons on the device itself but Ladibug unleashes the full power of your visualizer. 


Ladibug is… creative

Transform your presentation with Ladibug’s suite of creative tools. Each tool is simple to use and can focus the audience’s attention on the part of the image that you need to highlight. Plus, you’ve can add graphics and text to share essential information with your audience.  

  • Text Annotation: type directly onto images
  • Free hand Drawing: quickly sketch and illustrate over the live video 
  • Arrows and Shapes: add colorful geometric shapes and pointers to draw attention
  • Spotlight mode: highlight important sections of a document
  • Masks: capture only selected portions of a document


Ladibug is… fast  

Sharing images and videos with colleagues, students, trainees, and archivists is painless with Ladibug. In just a few clicks, it’s possible to transfer files securely across local and global networks.     

  • Real-time Monitoring and Image browsing: view the live output from your document camera and quickly review all recordings 
  • Image sharing function: transfer images and videos to networked computers 
  • Share files via cloud servers and Google Drive services 
  • Email: quickly send files to selected recipients 


Ladibug is… powerful  

Lumens’ auto settings are very effective, but sometimes, it’s useful to take control to give you exactly the image you require. Ladibug gives you full control over all image capture parameters including:

  • Auto Focus
  • Auto Exposure
  • Auto Balance
  • Rotation and image flip
  • Brightness
  • Capture
  • Recording
  • Time Lapse


The app also makes it easy to change video and audio settings and set up time lapse recordings. This helps you produce files that are easy to share and perfect for users to watch back on tablets, computers, smart televisions, and smartphones.


Which version of Ladibug Software is compatible with your Lumens Document Camera? 

Ladibug Software is available for Mac OS, Windows, and Chrome OS devices. Check out our latest Ladibug Compatibility List to make sure you download the right version.       



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