Lumens TapShare TS20

Wireless Presentation System

Key Features

  • Easy to install without additional software or driver
  • Easy to use with one click and share on time
  • Supports wired connection for various environments
  • Supports four split screens simultaneously
  • Multiple interface: HDMI / Display port / USB / IP
  • Easy to share iOS devices with one single cable
  • Fully compatible with mobile devices and laptops

More Details

Easy to Install

The TapShare™ is plug & play and doesn’t need additional software or a driver.

Easy to Use

With one single button and Wi-Fi support, you just tap the button to start presenting immediately. Especially for the iOS devices, simply plug one cable to share your ideas instantly.

Supports Four Split Screens

The TapShare™ allows four input sources from a laptop or mobile devices and supports ‘’Split Screen Display” so that team members can share ideas simultaneously.

Supports Wired Connection

The TapShare™ supports PoE and up to 100m (328ft) distance that replaces the HDMI and switcher so that it’s applicable for large meeting rooms.

Supports Reverse Control

The laptop screen can be displayed synchronously with any annotation on the touch screen so that the presenter can present smoothly and efficiently.

Easy Management

With an advanced host control system, the host can easily manage the display and content from different sources.

High Security

With the need for high security, the TapShare™ supports not only a wired connection but also with an encrypted technology for wireless transmission.

Fully Compatible

TapShare™ allows any input devices with HDMI and display port such as a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It’s compatible with 4K resolution devices.